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Places to Buy Real Estate in Turkey

Places to Buy Real Estate in Turkey

Foreigners looking for the best place to buy Real Estate in Turkey are entering a healthy market with many destinations offering a full portfolio of off-plan, new build and resale apartments and villas.

Mass availability is driving Turkey’s real estate market, and buyers have many advantages to tap into and use. You have much potential for a profitable real estate investment, but before we start discussing possible locations, also look for a home that….

A: Fits within Your Budget

Altinkum’s reputation stems from low property prices, but head across to Mediterranean Kalkan, and expect to pay upwards of £100,000 to a million for a decent home. It’s worth knowing how a market is priced locally, so you don’t waste your time looking at other destinations that are above your budget.

B: Fulfils Your Purpose for Buying

If you want a buy to let investment, buying a home in a remote mountain village will narrow income potential. Likewise, people looking to move here should look for a spacious home more suited for permanent living than holidays. Know your purpose for buying before you look at houses.

C: Suits Your Lifestyle Choices

All destinations have different vibes and community atmosphere. For example, people who like a drink will find themselves limited in places like Trabzon, or certain conservative neighbourhoods of Istanbul. Elderly couples who want a quiet lifestyle should stay away from city centre districts that are often busy well into the night.

D: Adds Value to Your Real Estate Investment Portfolio

Buying a home is not just a lifestyle choice, but a financial commitment that if approached wisely, should net a good return on investment. Ideally, maximise your potential for capital appreciation and should you need to sell quickly, buy in an area with good liquidity.

1: Istanbul: European and Asian Sides

From 2013 to the present time, foreigners bought just over 40,000 properties in Istanbul, making it the most popular place in Turkey. It also gains top spot for domestic sales. As the most significant area made up of 39 districts, it’s Turkey’s leading hub of tourism, education, business and economy, therefore explaining its real estate popularity.

A superb ultramodern airport just opened in European Istanbul, and the city is improving transport and infrastructure links. The diversity of neighbourhoods is immense from the conservative hubs to partying and shopping destinations. If you don’t mind an urban lifestyle, Istanbul offers a lot of choices.

2: The Antalya Province

Istanbul lacks a beach-side and coastal resort ambience, so this is where the Antalya province steps up to the mark. From 2013 to 2018, foreigners bought just over 33,600 homes in Antalya, either in the city centre or coastal resorts like Alanya, Side, Kemer, and Belek.

Its cosmopolitan ambience attracts different nationalities including Russians, Europeans, Brits, Asians, and Middle Eastern buyers and many settled in the area and now live there all year round.

Its unrivalled hospitality, nightlife and shopping scenes combine with the best beaches in Turkey as rated by Trip Advisor. Hence buyers have the best of both worlds. They can also choose from 19 official districts covering 500 kilometres of the southern coastline.

3: Bursa in Northwest Turkey

In 2013, Bursa was the 6th most popular place for foreign house sales, but over the last three years has risen the ranks to become third. Middle-Eastern buyers who find many cultural and lifestyle similarities are driving this rise in popularity.

With prices starting at around £20,000, Bursa is one of the cheapest places to buy property in Turkey and is also home to the famous ski resort of Uludag, hence providing year-round outdoor activities.

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